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Antique shops and Beer of the Day: Theobroma

Me and Liz made our way to the antique shop in Montpelier today. A few months ago I made a post mentioning some steins they had and that I would post pictures soon, well, better late than never.

This stein is decorated with an inscription that read “Endet einst mein Lebenslauf”. According to one of Liz’s friends who speaks German, the person who wrote this is pretty much saying this is the best beer he has ever drank.

This is basically just a picture of a German fella having a good ol time.

This seems to depict a group of folks sitting by a table while one of their mates strums away on some sort of stringed instrument.

“Beer is healthy”


Dogfish Head Brewery

Milton, DE

Chile Beer


This brew came from Hunger Mountain Co-op here in Montpelier. It was an impulse buy. I had heard that it tasted like spicy chocolate so I decided to try it.

Appearance – Two finger white foamy head, amber/ burnt orange color.

Aroma – malt, chocolate, caramel, honey

Taste – Cocoa, sweet, smokey. A little confusinf to explain. It is not a kind of sweet that makes you think “Ah, this is a sweet beer.” it makes you think ” Ah, this is a savory beer with hints of chocolate.” The chillies in this brew add a spice in the back of your throat. Very nice taste.

Mouthfeel – Medium bodied. Sort of bitter, nice stinging sensation not from the alcohol.

Drinkability – Great for certain occasions, not for everyday use.



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I’m Back!

It’s been a while I know, and to those few of you who actually read this thing I apologize. I plan on coming back with regular posts and bringing back the beer of the day. I have plenty of different posts to pull outta my pocket, such as the NECI Brew Crew’s first brew, Liz’s and mines first all-grain homebrew that we will be brewing tomorrow, and the soppresatta that we have curing right now that we will stuff Thursday night. And if you interested, I will give you a step-by-step of our sourdough that we will be making from a starter shared with us by one of our Chefs at school.

Stay tuned folks and I hope you all come back!


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Beer Of The Day: Old Rasputin XII

Old Rasputin XII

North Coast Brewing Company

Fort Bragg, CA

Russian Imperial Stout (bourbon barrel aged)


Old Rasputin is a Russian Imperial Stout aged in oak whiskey barrels. It was only available at the brewery retail shop until many request were sent in to distribute. For North Coast’s 12th anniversary they released Old Rasputin XII to select areas. I had it once before at Three Penny on draft but only once in the bottle. It was given as a gift from my girlfriend. Here was my review of the bottled version. (I forgot to take a picture so i took that from the internet)

Appearance – Very black. Brown foamy head with good lacing.

Smell – Very chocolatey malts, dark roasted coffee. The oak from the barrel gives it a vanilla aroma.

Taste – You can taste the alcohol.  It tastes like all the aromas combined. Almost like a spiked chocolate milkshake.

Mouth Feel – Thick. 7/10 on carbonation. Very creamy and coats the palate. A definite booze sting.

Drinkability – Not a gulper. Should be patiently sipped over a period of 10 or 15 minutes. Allow to warm in your palm to bring out more flavors and you will be highly rewarded.

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Three Penny Taproom

There is a small gem cozilly nestled in the heart of Montpelier Vermont.  It is probably one of my favorite places in town. Three Penny Taproom currently has 24 different craft beers on tap and 68 craft beers in bottles. They usually tap a cask every Thursday. Yea sure they have liquor and wine but with all those lovely beers who really gives a shit!? Three Penny is a small little joint that is a perfect spot for a soccer game, you couldn’t even move when America got beat last year by Ghana. With great charcuterie and awesome sandwiches (and sometimes oysters!!) this place is a craft beer lover and foodie paradise. In fact the Boston Globe coined it “A craft beer mecca”. Look for them in Draft Magazine’s top 100 beer bars in America.

Walking into Three Penny there is a long bar to your right and a long table coming out of the wall with stools to your right.  Behind the bar you see 3 chalk boards with whats on tap.

There is always a good time to be had at Three Penny,  and good brew to be had as well.

Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor
Belgian IPA


Rodenbach Grand Cru
Flanders Red Ale


Saison Dupont
Farmhouse Ale

Delirium Tremens
Belgian Strong Pale Ale

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Pilser’s Half & Half

A black and tan is a 50/50 mixture of a light ale and a dark stout or porter. The ale can also be replaced by a light lager. One of the oldest and best known commercial examples is Yuengling’s Original Black and Tan. Several American breweries currently make premixed Black and Tan, and it is a popular blend at American bars.

Me and Liz went to an antique store in Montpelier and along with a lot of old steins (forgot to take pictures, maybe I will go back) I found a really neat looking old bottle of a beer whose brewery closed in 1957. Pilser Brewing Company produced a beer called Pilser’s Half and Half from 1947-1957. I cannot find that much on the Pilser Brewing Company except that the Metropolis Brewing Company (the people who brought you champale) brewed a couple of beers under the Pilser name (Pilser’s Extra Dry Ale, Pilser’s Extra Dry Pilsener)but the not credited with the Pilser Brewing Company. If anyone has any information then please let me know!

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Randall the Enamel Animal

This my dear readers (how few of you there may be) is Randall.


Randall the Enamel Animal.  Randall is an organoleptic hop transducer module invented by Dogfish Head.  Basically what happens is you fill the chamber with hops, spices, or whatever, then you pump your draft beer through the filter and the alcohol strips the flavor from whatever is in the chamber.

“It’s named that because when you drink a really hoppy beer, it feels like its ripping the enamel off of your teeth.” – Dogfish founder Sam Calagione



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