I am a southeast Mississippian and a current culinary student at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier Vermont, talk about a fish out of water.  This blog is about my adventures in charcuterie and beer and other foods that cross my path at either school or elsewhere.



6 responses to “Andy

  1. gigi

    Great blog! The pairings that you two did with the various beers and cheeses during the holiday were excellent.

  2. Hall

    I love the noble rots: cheese, beer, kim-chi, mushrooms…. I think the sausage making and meat curing segments are awesome, real cool. I recently saw a recipe for a chicken ale, I swear! That’s kind of like combining curing meats and making beer right? Keep it up!!! Great job!

    • I’ll have to check out that chicken brew. I heard of an oyster stout actually using oysters in the wort! Something else id like to look into. hopefully soon we will be getting into doing some aged salamis!

  3. gigi

    Interesting readProf: Promoting Beer To Students Is Good Move
    App State Beer Brewing Program Comes Down To Science
    POSTED: 2:46 pm EST February 16, 2011
    UPDATED: 3:04 pm EST February 16, 2011
    Email Print

  4. nick bullock

    are you from brookhaven? by any chance? I think I recognize you!

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