Beer of the Day: Smoked Baltic Porter

Smoked Baltic Porter

Great Divide Brewing Company

Denver, CO

Baltic Porter


I am pretty confused with this brew. It is a porter (Ale) yet on the Great Divide website they refer to it as a Dark Lager. If there is someone who can explain this please, I’m all ears. I got this brew in North Carolina at the Carborro Beverage Center. Porters used to be a lot stronger than todays standards. Well above 7%. The Baltic Porter was created to be shipped across the Baltic Sea. This brew would sometimes often be blended with sour ale. This specific Baltic Porter is given an addition of smoked German Bamberg malts.

Appearance –Beige one finger head. Dark brown with red hues.

Aroma – Light hints of chocolate and coffee. Very malty brew. Hints of the smoke

Taste –Tangy, Citrus. Smokey, slight bitterness.

Mouthfeel –Dry. Sharp carbonation and pretty thin.

Drinkability – Not the best brew I’ve had. Fairly easy to drink. It has been a few months since I had it and I feel like my palate has matured so I would like to try it again and see how I take to it now.


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