Beer of the Day: My Antonia

My Antonia

Dogfish Head Brewery

Milton, DE

American Imperial Pilsner


My Antonia started as a collaboration brew with an Italian brewery right outside of Rome. It was brewed and distributed in Italy and a little was shipped to America until It was decided to become a year round brew. I grabbed this brew at the Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier.

Appearance – Pale and golden. 2-finger foamy white head with a fairly sticky lacing.

Aroma -Citrus and floral hops dominate this nose. Not very malty in the aroma.

Taste – Bitter and sweet. Hops come out very nicely on the finish.

Mouth Feel – Medium bodied. The tongue dried out maybe from some sort of tannins in this brew?

Drinkability – Good Beer. Nice and hoppy. It gets a little watered down towards the end. But that an American Pilsner for ya though ain’t it?


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