Beer Of The Day and Other News

So today was the first day of our homebrew club meeting. Really excited, Chef Ryan O’Mally is going to be our instructor for the club. We met to talk about our goals for this club and what days we will meet and blah blah. We had some really cool ideas being tossed around like maybe having a beer day at NECI’s quad and invite any homebrewer in town to participate, after brewing enough beers having a beer pairing dinner, growing hops in the school garden and maybe even visiting local breweries. I am actually about to head out to price supplies for our mash tun we are going to build.

Well with that out of the way lets get started on our Beer Of The Day.

Red & White

Dogfish Head

Milton, DE

Witbeier (Brewed with pinot noir juice)


Red & White is a Belgian style witbier that is mashed with coriander and orange peel. Once it has been added to the fermentation vessel they ferment it with pinot noir juice. After it is done fermenting a portion of this beer is then aged in oak barrels and then married back together. This is a limited edition Dogfish brew. I snagged a bottle of it at some random beer store in Tennessee.

Appearance – 1/2 finger head with a beautiful copper color with a hint of red.

Smell – Citrus and spice. Nice and malty, definitely has that pinot noir aroma.

Taste – Slightly sour with sweetness from the malts. More sourness towards the back. Tastes like pineapple when I burp.

Mouth Feel – Medium to heavy bodied. Leaves an acidic tingle on your gums.

Drinkability – Great beer. I love the spice, maybe a bit too much of that pineapply taste but it’s tolerable. Not a “session” beer.



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6 responses to “Beer Of The Day and Other News

  1. Liz

    Where’s the sausage?

    • Jan Teeter

      It sounds like we need to branch the club out a bit and make some. In fact Liz, you could even be in charge of the sausage making branch. Let me know when you get some done and where to pick it up at 🙂

  2. Artie

    Andy, hope you have fun with it. Had some great beer club meetings and tasted some excellent beers with some great students. Have you brewed all grain before? Would love to be in the loop. Glad you and Liz are eating and drinking well.

    • I have never done all grain before no, only extract. I’m excited. Hopefully sometime this week we will get the funds to buy what we need for our mash tun. Thanks for reading. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

  3. Artie
    Pretty much my setup, only did all grain once with this system so far and was world’s better than my extract brews. Too busy at moment with the moving and new job, but gotta brew soon. Enjoy.

    • That is almost exactly how I am planning on building ours. I plan on coiling a 16 or 18 guage non galvanized wire to insert into the mesh tube to keep it from collapsing under the weight of the grain bed. Also if you want to make your run-off a little faster try getting a 48″ length hose like the one you have and hook it up to a brass pipe tee of an appropriate size to your nipple (from the looks of those directions 1/2″ should do) that way you have more drain space that can cover the entire length of your tun walls that way there aren’t too many dead spots that don’t drain evenly.

      Check out this video, pretty much what I’m doing.

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