Pilser’s Half & Half

A black and tan is a 50/50 mixture of a light ale and a dark stout or porter. The ale can also be replaced by a light lager. One of the oldest and best known commercial examples is Yuengling’s Original Black and Tan. Several American breweries currently make premixed Black and Tan, and it is a popular blend at American bars.

Me and Liz went to an antique store in Montpelier and along with a lot of old steins (forgot to take pictures, maybe I will go back) I found a really neat looking old bottle of a beer whose brewery closed in 1957. Pilser Brewing Company produced a beer called Pilser’s Half and Half from 1947-1957. I cannot find that much on the Pilser Brewing Company except that the Metropolis Brewing Company (the people who brought you champale) brewed a couple of beers under the Pilser name (Pilser’s Extra Dry Ale, Pilser’s Extra Dry Pilsener)but the not credited with the Pilser Brewing Company. If anyone has any information then please let me know!


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